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It's Tuesday in Jerusalem. The World Zionist Organization (WZO) Congress does not begin until a week from today. You remember all the 'buzz' about the WZO and voting for the ARZA (Association of Reform Zionists of America) slate? Earlier this year, from January through April, every American Jew was urged to vote in the WZO election. There were websites and posters to encourage voting. Computers and tablets were brought to meetings in an effort to encourage American Jews to register and vote for the ARZA...

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by Leslie Brier

World leaders came to the United Nations on September 25th and signed the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The SDGs are a set of 17 goals aimed at lowering global poverty, hunger, and inequality and addressing environmental challenges. There are three themes to these global goals, social, economic and environmental justice, with an inferred fourth and fifth: peace and inclusivity.

The United Nations conducted the largest consultation program in its history to gauge opinion on what the SDGs should...

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by Rachel Landman

Last month I stood with other members of the Reform Jewish Movement outside the United Nations in New York City, in unity with people of many different faiths in the fight against climate change. This Climate Mobilization was part of a global effort to show support  for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and...

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by Lisa D. Singer

B’reishit: in the beginning...the story of creation.

This parashah is the first portion of the first book of our Torah. In chapter one God creates heaven and earth. God makes light and darkness, day and night; forms the earth and seas; and vegetation. God creates living creatures that inhabit the seas and the sky and the earth. This was all accomplished in six days. On the seventh day God finished the work and declared the seventh day holy.

In chapter two God formed man and called him Adam. Then God planted a garden in Eden with beautiful trees and...

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by Mindy Grinnan

This Shabbat is known as Chol HaMoed Sukkot; we read from Exodus 33:12-34:26.

As an engineer, I constantly question and seek to understand the meaning of our sacred texts. It seems to me that the Torah is a blueprint as to how we should live our lives and is designed to teach people right from wrong, how to eat healthy without refrigeration, how to perpetuate the Jewish people, how to survive, etc.

Following the incident where the Israelites were punished for worshiping the Golden Calf, Moses is instructed to bring two tablets to the mountain for God...

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