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Earlier this month, new data was released by the U.S. Census Bureau announcing that the gender wage gap is the smallest it has ever been. But, hold your excitement, because the age gap has only closed by one penny! The data found that women are now only paid 79 cents to every dollar paid to men. In previous data released in 2014, women were paid 78 cents to every dollar their male counterparts were paid. At this rate, women will not reach full pay equity until...

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by Teresa Quiroz

On my first visit to the Holy Land I wanted it to complete a dream that I had for a long time. Since my sisterhood joined the Women of the Wall (WoW) movement I was impressed by the courage and valor of the founders of the WoW group. I heard that Anat Hoffman had started the group at least 25 years ago. My husband found a newspaper clipping from 1980 when it was international news that WoW was asserting their right to celebrate Rosh Chodesh at the Kotel as...

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Did you know that glossophobia is the fear of public speaking? According to a recent study by the National Institute of Mental Health, about 74% of people have this fear, ranking it as the most common fear in the world. Does your heart start racing when it’s time to present a speech? Do your legs and hands begin trembling prior to approaching a podium? If so, you are not alone in the modern day world, nor in the biblical world.

We all remember when God appears to Moses at the burning bush. There Moses was instructed to lead the Jewish people out of slavery and into the land of...

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by Leslie Brier

This weeks parashah is Parashat Vayeilech, from Deuteronomy 31:1-30. Vayeilech translates to “he went.” It recounts the events of Moses last days after he is told that his time is near the end. Leadership will be transferred to Joshua. Moses entreats Joshua to be courageous and be strong. Moses tells Joshua that God will be with him.

In the Talmud it says that the time of a ruler cannot infringe on the time of the next ruler. Recently, many sisterhood boards and WRJ District boards have...

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by Annice Benamy

"You are standing, all of you, before Adonai your God—your leaders, your tribes, your elders, your officials, every person in Israel; your wives, your children, and the stranger in the midst of your camp, from the one who chops your wood to the one who draws your water—so that you may pass into the covenant of Adonai your God…and not with you alone do I make this covenant and this oath, but with he who is present, standing here with us today before Adonai our God, and with him who is not here with us today."  Deut. 29:9-11 and 13-14

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