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Sacred Connections. Innovative Engagement.

PEP-RJ is a community of engagement, program, membership, outreach and communications professionals across the Reform Movement.  Members share resources and collaborative learning experiences, providing tools to create inspiring programs and build meaningful relationships with congregants.

Please visit our membership page to join or contact us to discover more about this valuable professional organization.

PEP-RJ Home Page Testimonials

Testimonials from PEP-RJ Members

“From the first moment I joined my colleagues at our conference in 2009, I felt welcomed into a great group of professionals who understand my challenges and are equally passionate about the Jewish community.”

- Andy Wayne, Past President


Being a part of PEP-RJ is like oil to an engine. My colleagues and I depend on each other for creative programming and membership engagement ideas, professional development, peer support and so much more. PEP-RJ is like my professional family of people who really understand what I do and the challenges (good and bad) of being a programming professional. The value of PEP-RJ is limitless.

- Judy Thomas, Past President


In 2006 I was a brand new Program Director and new to the Jewish Communal world.  The warm welcome that I experienced at my first conference continues today. I look forward to our annual conference and learning with other professionals who "GET" what I do and the challenges I experience.

- Judy Bricker