Resources for the Program Engagement ProfessionalPEP-RJ provides several resources to its members. These resources include, but are not limited to:

PEP-RJ Conference

Our conferences provide a great opportunity for networking, collegiality and professional development. A mixture of speakers, workshops and informal conversation peppers our multi-day conference.

Our next PEP-RJ Conference will be December 3-6, 2017 in Boston, MA prior to the URJ Biennial. Learn more.


Salary Survey

Every other year, PEP-RJ members complete a salary survey. The survey includes questions of synagogue size, area population, benefits accrued and so on. Survey results are shared in a timely manner for the use of our members in advocacy.



PEP PRO is a live document which lists categories of proficiencies for our members. In other words, if a member is looking for help with Sukkot ideas, they can open up PEP PRO, scroll to “Sukkot” and see what other members have proficiency with Sukkot planning. It is a valuable resource for planning, visioning and troubleshooting.


The Tent

PEP-RJ has a private group for members on The Tent, which is the URJ’s online platform for resource sharing and digital discussions.



Occasionally, one of our members creates a webinar for our membership. Previous examples include:


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